3D asset design

Sci-fi plasma pistol concept design


Project description

This product is a collector’s item for fictional short film sci-fi pirate series being developed by myself (similar to treasure planet but rated 18+ and designed for older audiences).

It will be sold on the official series website as a collector’s item (not a toy and it is non-functional, for display purposes only). The sale of such a a collectors item helps to fund development of the series.

The product is an sci-fi pirate pistol inspired by 1700s flintlock weapons and sci-fi interpretations of weapons. It is used by the antagonist of the series, hence the weapon needs to be fierce and imposing in its design to align with the antagonist.

The weapon needs to also be agile and sleek, while also remaining fierce in its appearance. There are certain flintlock elements the sci-fi variant must maintain such as the flintlock mechanism, which will be a challenge since it is such an old-dated mechanism.

The projectile is a form of lighting bolt hence it will be called Bolt Gun as of now.


Growing up watching Treasure Planet I have always wanted to make a short film that is a darker interpretation of the movie, implementing darker themes and visuals. I am also inspired by sci-fi franchises such as stars wars, dead space, mass effect, halo, etc which have made me have a greater love for dark sci-fi themes. Hence I want to combine the two, a dark pirate sci-fi short film.