Nick Frost

3D model designer

I bring your ideas to life using my 

3D modeling & UI design skillset. 

Nick Frost

3D model designer.

I don’t just want to design,

I want to show how it works.

3D custom models

I can create custom 3D models, including everything from the topology to the texture to rigging. 

3D videos / images

I can create custom video content & still renders for you using the 3D model made by myself or provided to me, 

3D experiences (AR/VR)

I can create custom AR and VR experiences for you using a 3D model made by myself or provided to me using apples AR kit. 

3D Project highlights

Some of my project highlights of 2023

Sci-fi plasma rifle

science fiction plasma rifle that uses a unique cooling system



Daniel wellington watch

A refined silver watch based off of the iconic link by Daniel Wellington



Canon P rangefinder

A beauty in form and function the Canon range finder released in 1959



3D Portfolio quick look

Just a quick look at some of my other projects that I worked on.