2023 Highlights

University projects

Frame 228

Augmented reality

Virtual business card

A virtual business card with endless possibilities, just scan the QR code and interact with this portable exhibtion. 


UI design

Snapscan redsign

An app redesign of Snapscan to not only give it a fresh modern look but make it more accessible and user freindly. 

Video editing


See how I made this animated sequence and video edit using procreate and afetr effects. 

Integrated campaign

Infection teaser trailer

Integrated campaign warning about the future possibility of Autonomous

weapons becoming infected and what implications that might have.

2023 highlights

Personal projects


3D modelling

Canon P rangefinder

A beauty in form and function the Canon range finder released in 1959


3D modelling

Daniel Wellington Watch

A refined silver watch based off of the iconic link by Daniel Wellington


3D modelling

Sci-fi Plasma rifle

My own interpretation of what I think a sci-fi plasma rifle should look like, It has a unique cooling system.