Integrated campaign

Infection trailer

Type of project

University project



3D modeling and texturing

Composting and animating

Video editing

Software used



After effects

Project brief:

To evaluate your existing body of work to identify gaps and address them by crafting a high-quality piece of your own choice. The final submission had to demonstrate that I engaged deeply in an appropriate creative process to arrive at a considered and resolved final design outcome.

Creative strategy

I created a video trailer to raise awareness about the implications of computer viruses on autonomous weapons. The key concept I kept in mind throughout the project was that when a computer is infected, there is a loss of data, but when an autonomous weapon is infected, there will be a loss of life. Due to the dark topic, I used a dark color palette and dimly lit scenes in the video. I chose the song "Just wicked" by Ross Bugden because it matched the sci-fi vibe I was going for. The primary color used throughout the trailer was a green tint because it is strongly associated with hacking and computer viruses. Autonomous weapons aren't truly evil; they are only fulfilling their set objective, which is why I didn't want to choose red, a stereotypical color for evil