Augmented reality

Virtual bussiness card

Type of project

University project


UI layout (figma)

Animation and 3D models (blender)

AR setup (reality composer)

Software used



Reality composer

Project brief

In this POE, you will be designing a simple Augmented Reality experience for an end‐of‐year student exhibition of your work, projecting a custom 3D object of your own design onto a flat surface.

Creative strategy

The core concept behind this AR experience was a portable exhibition, but at a much smaller scale. The business card will act as the initiator and anchor for the experience, giving people a greater reason to take the card home with them. Think of it as a pamphlet that unfolds showcasing more and more information. You’ll be able to interact with different parts of the business card.

Blender behind the scenes


Reality composer behind the scenes

AR design

Figma behind the scenes

UI design