UI design

Snapscan redesign

Type of project

University project


App & user research

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Software used

Adobe XD


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Project brief

In keeping with the Web Accessibility guidelines and a mission to provide meaningful solutions to as many customers as possible, the brand you selected is looking to improve the accessibility and usability of their mobile application and at the same time expand their customer base to include an older (55+) target audience.

selectable brands:

a) Uber Eats/Mr Delivery
b) Zoom/Teams/Google Meets
c) Hello Paisa/SnapScan

About this project

I thoroughly evaluated and redesigned the Snapscan app, aiming to enhance its usability and accessibility. The report covers diverse aspects, including an initial evaluation of the app, user requirements analysis for various personas, and insights derived from findings. I proposed solutions to improve usability and accessibility, detailing the design process with wireframes and a refined creative strategy for UI/UX. Additionally, a competitor analysis with Zapper and a comprehensive exploration of challenges faced by users with disabilities and older individuals were included, accompanied by thoughtful solutions. The project concludes insights into the development process, rationale for design decisions, and reflections on the overall project, showcasing a meticulous and considerate approach to app redesign.

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Prototyping phase

Behind the scenes

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